Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Sustainable TechnologiesTM products?

Sustainable TechnologiesTM products are available from BayWa r.e. and soon from several additional distributors. If you’d like to have your preferred distributor represent FacetTM and other Sustainable TechnologiesTM products, please let us know and we’ll work to make that happen!

Has Facet been rigorously tested, and are the results available?

Facet was tested by MTL, an ISO17025 facility, overseen by materials and testing experts. The results were peer reviewed by PZSE Structural Engineers. PZSE prepared a structural certification letter, which is available for download in the Products section of this website.

Is Facet protected by any patents?

FacetTM is protected by US Patent #9,479,110 and #9,647,607.

Does Facet comply with the roof warranty?

The Facet system was designed to be installed using typical methods for roof-patching, which are fully compliant with all roofing warranty installation instructions. By following roof manufacturer guidelines, you can install with confidence that your roofing manufacturer will accept the installation as compliant with their warranty requirements.

Does Facet work with all solar racking systems?

FacetTM attaches to all low-slope roof systems, and has a standard 3/8″ 16tpi bolt receiver, making it compatible with all rail installations. For ballast solar racking systems, Facet is an ideal seismic tether attachment.

How many Facets should I plan to use for my project?

Because FacetTM is so much stronger than competing products for tensile (pull-out), shear (side force) and moment (overturning), your engineer will be able to optimize the rail span selected. Instead of having the roof mount be the limiting factor in attachment spacing, your engineer can take full advantage of your rail span availability. This results in needing fewer roof attachments with Facet, saving money on products and labor.

Does Facet work with all roof types?

Facet is a low slope solution that works with most roofing systems.

  • TPO – use Facet with Sustainable TechnologiesTM provided formed membrane covers.
  • PVC – use Facet with Sustainable TechnologiesTM provided formed membrane covers.
  • EPDM – use Facet with 14″x14″ square patches prepared by your roofing subcontractor.
  • Composition – use Facet with standard roof-patch techniques.
  • Fluid-applied – use Facet with standard roof-patch techniques.
  • Standing seam metal roofs – Facet is not compatible with this type of roof system.

Is the Facet Flashing available in all TPO and PVC manufacturers’ products?

Yes – just let us know which manufacturers’ product is on your roof and we’ll deliver flashings to match. Note that we use reinforced TPO and PVC membrane and not generic unreinforced materials.

Besides solar racking, what are some other uses for Facet?

The Facet system is ideal for mounting almost any type of equipment onto rooftops, parapet walls, electrical/mechanical rooms walls floors and even ceilings. Facets are suitable for a wide range of applications including roof screens, HVAC equipment, cell towers, etc.